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Pupo and Alan recorded a tongue-in-cheek song about the pandemic together. The topicality of the song is a window into the current Italian situation. In the message there is no call to violate the safety standards set by the WHO, quite the opposite. Pupo says: “The decision to perform the song “fuori dal gregge” in two languages at the same time was not accidental. I love Russia very much and I believe that our countries should be more united at a time when the whole world is fighting Covid. I had a desire to record a bilingual composition with the wonderful young artist Alan, with whom we have long been friends and work together. Despite the light, modern and ironic form, our video/cartoon is about how the pandemic can only be tackled by standing together. I sincerely hope that the message of our current video, with a number of understandable metaphors, will be well received by people in both our countries.” Russian singer Alan, already celebrated by duets with Al Bano, Umberto Tozzi and Riccardo Fogli, says: “I am happy that we made a light and witty video about the difficulty of the moment. Together with Pupo we tried to underline how it is possible to face this problem together. Because this virus doesn’t distinguish people by nationality, beliefs or social level. It is important not to panic, to go beyond the media hype and to take care of yourself and others. Through beautiful music and a cute video/animated cartoon, we make a plea to look at things with more awareness.”
The video Fuori Dal Gregge is created and realized in 2D and 3D format by Pierfilippo Siena and Roberto Baldassari for Fxlab. Rome (Italy).



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